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Scalp Micropigmentation – Procedure

scalp micropigmentation – how it works

You will come in for an initial consultation including a medical questionnaire. We will discuss the options available to you and once agreed, a patch test is done – to establish the correct shade of pigment and to test for an allergic reaction. Scalp Micropigmentation is generally done over 3 sessions.

Your first session will generally be a week after your patch test and 7-14 days apart.

​In the first session the hairline is drawn on and agreed by you. Then the entire area which is being worked on will have the first session of SMP

The second session will be to add density and detail and the treatment will be fully blended into the existing hairline by this stage.

The final session is to touch up and go over any areas which need extra attention.

Please watch the video made by Brandwood Clinic for the treatment procedure.