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Robert Gylling

SMP Specialist

  • Founder of Copenhagen Scalp Micro Pigmentation

  • Internationally certified SMP practitioner

  • Scalp Micro Pigmentation client myself

  • Trained by Simon Lane and Paul Clark from Brandwood Clinic, Birmingham England

  • Masterclass / Trained by Marc Allen from Creative Scalps , Crawley England

A Bit About Me

I lost my hair in the early thirties and for my part, it went pretty slow. I was losing hair in front of my head and I was losing my hairline too. I was already trying to find a solution that could give me my hair back (hair transplantation was an option). I also used hair fibers called Toppik for years. When I was in the Philippines in 2015, I saw a man come out from a SPA massage and I saw his head tattoed. I searched head tattoo right away in Google and I found SMP. In 2017, I decided to get the treatment done and I am very happy that I made that decision. This is the reason why I opened Copenhagen Scalp Clinic.

I am committed to help you to get more confidence, and dedicated to improving your image and indeed your life. I am dedicated to treating each client with compassionately, professionally and with complete confidentiality.

Get a free consultation with no obligation

The scalp micropigmentation specialists offering free consultations via video call or face-to-face at our clinic.





Dedicated to providing my patients with safe, efficient and lasting treatment.



SMP specialist with multiple courses regarding SMP as well as hygiene that guarantees success and maximum results.


SMP technology

Modern, quick and highly effective technology for scalp micropigmentation.

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