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My name is Robert, and I have dedicated myself and Copenhagen Scalp to providing you, my clients, with safe, effective non-surgical treatments for your scalps. I focus on the relationship I build with each one of you, while helping you to get to know the procedure better.
I also offer free mock-ups, so that you could first see how your hairline would like if it has an SMP treatment. All you have to do is send me and email with your picture.


Scalp Micro Pigmentation, or SMP, is a method of depositing pigments into the dermal layer of the skin on the scalp, which replicates hair follicles. It creates the appearance of tiny hair follicles to restore the look of a fuller head of hair. SMP is an immediate solution to hair loss, there is no invasive surgery process, no scarring, and no down time.
For many clients, cutting / shaving the hair short gives the best results when having SMP. SMP gives you your hairline back.
Please look at the hamilton norwood scale and send us what Norwood number you are now.


The area that I specialise in is the human scalp.

I offer the same treatment for various problems such as male pattern baldness, female hair loss, birthmark / scar removal (camouflage), alopecia, or any other similar problems that cause hair reduction or loss.

Before & After SMP Treatment

Watch the video about on of my female clients

My primary goal is to help my clients with the power of Scalp Micro Pigmentation to gain confidence and become a better person in the most safe, effective and appropriate way for them.

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Robert Gylling

About Me

I lost my hair in the early thirties and for my part it went pretty slow. I was losing hair in front of my head and I was losing my hairline too. I was already trying to find a solution that could give me my hair back (a hairtransplantation was an option). I also used hair fibers called Toppik in years. When I was in the Philippines in 2015, I saw a man came out from a SPA massage and I saw his head tattoed. I searched head tattoo right away in Google and I found SMP. In 2017, I decided to get the treatment done and I am very happy that I made that decision and with this I opened Copenhagen Scalp Clinic. I am committed to help you to get more confidence, dedicated to improving your image and indeed your life. I am dedicated to treating each client as an individual, compassionately, professionally and with complete confidentiality.





What my clients say

My dream has finally come true! The change that I wanted for so long is finally here, given to me by Robert’s magical hands! I appreciate it greatly.

Rachel Ramirez

42 years

I thought that my problem was unique and unknown to scalp micro pigmentation, however here I realized that it can be solved. Thank you so much for your help, Robert!

Hans Frederiksen

33 years

I am absolutely happy to be your patient. Your are a genius! I was treated very kindly and professionally, and now I feel just great. Thanks!

Julia Beck

29 years
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